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Re: SVN completion problem

Adam Piatyszek wrote:
> I have a question about zsh completion for `svn' command (Subversion
> program). Is it possible to use the completion not only for commands and
> switches of this program but also for filename/directory arguments?

It should be and it works for me so something else must be going wrong.

The completion for svn is largely driven by the output of the `svn help'
command. This makes it a little sensitive to changes in the format of
that output. What version of subversion have you got? What does `svn
help status' output? Here the second line is "usage: status [PATH...]".
On finding *PATH* in that, the svn completion should complete filenames.

Another way of trying to find out what is going wrong is to invoke the
_complete_debug widget: instead of pressing <tab>, press <ctrl-x><?>.


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