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Re: complete paths after non-space

Deliverable Mail wrote:
> Got 4.2.5, setopt magicequalsubst, pathname completion works after =3D,
> but not after : in a PATH.  Is there another option governing colons?

I don't think so.  It works for me anywhere the shell finds

Run C-x ?, go up a line and look at the debug output
file.  It should contain a (rather arbitrarily extracted) bit like:

+_dispatch:62> [[ '' != '(all|*patterns*)' ]]
+_dispatch:63> str=-value-,PATH,-default-
+_dispatch:64> [[ -n -value-,PATH,-default- ]]
+_dispatch:65> service=-value-,PATH,-default- 
+_dispatch:66> i=_dir_list
+_dispatch:67> _compskip=default 
+_dispatch:68> eval _dir_list
+(eval):1> _dir_list
+_dir_list:10> local 'sep=:' dosuf suf
+_dir_list:12> [[ '' == '-(s*|S)' ]]
+_dir_list:20> compset -P '*:'
+_dir_list:21> compset -S ':*'
+_dir_list:21> suf=: 
+_dir_list:23> [[ -n '' ]]
+_dir_list:26> suf=( ) 
+_dir_list:29> _directories -r ': /\t\t\-'

The compset's are the key to stripping off the parts of the colon path
that aren't wanted.

If it's never getting into _dir_list, see what's happening when
it enters _value (that handles completion for values of parameters
or anything that looks like one).  It should be getting there if
magic_equal_subst is having its effect.


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