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Re: RFT: Request for a trick :O)

From: Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: RFT: Request for a trick :O) 
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 17:02:29 +0100


 ...oh sorry..I think I have caused more confusion as I had

 The script was speculativ (and buggy)...just a thought written down
 in an email.

 The corrected script is:

    function zipcmp ()
     cmp -s <(7z x -so $1 2>/dev/null ) <(7z x -so $2 2>/dev/null )    
    if zipcmp $1 $2
     echo "$1 and $2 are identical..."

 which works fine for me.

 When I will struggle again about similiar things, an email will be on
 the way... :O)

 If you find any bug or things to improve in the above script, please
 email me...I will use this script as a base for a

 Happy zshing!


> Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> >  How can I get the return code of cmp, if <( is implemented as a pipe
> >  ?
> You may be running across a problem that someone else did recently,
> that if a program running in the shell gets a SIGPIPE the shell pretends
> it did when it's running interactively, and so aborts.  This isn't
> particularly useful and we changed it on the head of the main line.
> However, I can't get it to happen at all at the moment.
> If that's not the problem (the shell is not aborting at the cmp), please
> say what is.
> pws
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