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Re: Named directory pointing to a symbolic link

>  * Jean Chalard <jean.chalard@xxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> > It seems to me like the 'www' variable (which ought to be unset
> > when I start the shell, it's not like it should be a special
> > variable as far as I understand) has a strange behaviour : it
> > points on /nonexistent when used as a named directory, and any
> > attempt I do to have it point elsewhere with the export builtin
> > doesn't work when the variable is used as a named directory, though
> > it works when invoked as hash -d. Other variable names don't seem
> > to behave that way.
>     I cannot reproduce under Linux, as you confirm in your next
> paragraph. Have you took a look at any initial environment that
> FreeBSD may be setting up, outside zsh RC's? I'm not familiar with
> FreeBSD and I don't know how its "init" sets up initial environment,
> that may be the problem. It is quite weird...

I'm not that much familiar with it either ; all I can say for now is
that there doesn't seem to be any $www variable set at any moment (and
others shells agree with that), and I can see no reference to such a
variable in any of the startup scripts (the only occurence of the word
'www' being in the _webbrowser completer, in the command name : I
don't see why the shell would take that for a named directory).

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