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Re: Listing keybindings

DervishD <zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [051104 13:06]:
> > I read in one tutorial, that I can insert a command like "xfig" and press
> > ESC+? to call the alias which-command. In the turorial it is said to be the
> > default behaviour. However, I can't find this keybinding.
>     But, according with the info manual of version 4.2.5,
> which-command exists as a widget, and by default is bound to ESC-?
>     Try binding it to another combination just to test.
>     And oh, BTW, you have to have a shell function, alias or command
> called "which-command", of course, because the widget calls it (in
> fact, it does exactly that, calls "which-command CMD", where "CMD" is
> the current command in the editor buffer.

The problem is, as the other poster said, that I'm using the vi keymap.
There this keybinding is not defined. I added now the following line to my
.zshrc and it works great:

bindkey '^P' which-command

Thanks for your help,


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