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Re: Is zsh buggy in connection with screen?

On 2005-11-08 14:02:33 +0100, Sebastian Stein wrote:
> The following scenario:
> I have screen running under X11. In screen I have different zshs open. Some
> of them are currently running a vim. I detached screen for about 1 hour from
> X11. After I attach it again and try to insert something in the vim, they
> abort saying there was a X11 error (bad window name).
> Can this be related to zsh?

I don't think so, why would it be?

The problem may be due to specific environment variables or a
different configuration concerning the terminal.

> I don't see why this should be caused by something else, because I
> have not upgraded any software package connected to X11, vim or
> shell. I never had this problem using bash.

What is your terminal? xterm for instance sets environment variables
that are no longer valid in a different terminal and/or X11 session:

       Xterm sets several environment variables:

            is the display name, pointing to the X server (see  DISPLAY  NAMES
            in X(1)).
            is set to the X window id number of the xterm window.

This may be your problem...

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