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Re: history-search + a few new user question

karpi wrote:

> 1) At first there was my mostly touched function:
> -type some chars, which command begins, and then call completation from
> history. Yes there is history-search-backward history-search-forward,
> but they are "first word based" -->
> gvim .z<touch-key_history-search-backward> do not complete .zshrc from
> history, but offers: gvim something, gvim /something/other, gvim
> /something/which/i/do/not/needs.now ...
> I would like get only "gvim .z" based lines from history.
> Im clear? Is there some function, or way to set this, plz..?

I dislike the history-search-Xward functions too. Luckily, there's:
history-beginning-search-backward (and ...-forward)
which does exactly the desired thing.


> 3) when I press Alt-backspace, cursor deletes all path. Is possible it
> deletes only part of path limited by "/"

That's because zsh by default considers "/" to be part of a word instead of a 
separator (defined in the WORDCHARS parameter). I remove "/" in my .zshrc:
This also causes backward-word etc. to stop on "/".

hope this helps,


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