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history-search + a few new user question

Hello, Ive just try switch from bash. zsh has plenty of amazing
features, but some, i am habit-dependent on, i can not found.

1) At first there was my mostly touched function:
-type some chars, which command begins, and then call completation from
history. Yes there is history-search-backward history-search-forward,
but they are "first word based" -->
gvim .z<touch-key_history-search-backward> do not complete .zshrc from
history, but offers: gvim something, gvim /something/other, gvim
/something/which/i/do/not/needs.now ...
I would like get only "gvim .z" based lines from history.
Im clear? Is there some function, or way to set this, plz..?

2) some way to set "ignorerece" so
cd downloads
interprets as too
cd DownLoads 

3) Some way to colorize wrong symliks differently from good pointed
symlinks (for example cyan-good/red-bad like gentoo default bash setting)? 

3) when I press Alt-backspace, cursor deletes all path. Is possible it
deletes only part of path limited by "/"

cd /q/w/e/r/some_bad<touch>
:( -- I would like:
cd /q/w/e/r/some_bad<touch>
cd /q/w/e/r/

                                    Thanx for your care,

karpi from


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author