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Re: history-search + a few new user question

On Dec 4,  5:26pm, karpi wrote:
} Hello, Ive just try switch from bash.

You might want to look at

    autoload -U select-word-style
    select-word-style bash



I believe these are all mentioned in the manual.

} 1) At first there was my mostly touched function:
} -type some chars, which command begins, and then call completation from
} history.

Do you want words from the history completed, or entire lines from the
history found?  The term "completion" usually means individual words,
not whole lines.

I suspect what you want is history-beginning-search-* as Christian T.
already suggested.  However, also look for history-search-end in the
"ZLE Functions" section of "User Contributions" chapter in the manual.

} 2) some way to set "ignorerece" so

"rece"?  Hmm, must be Czech?

However, I see what you're getting at, and the answer is no, there is
not in general a way to make zsh behave that way unless the underlying
filesystem does so (like in cygwin).

} cd downloads
} interprets as too
} cd DownLoads 

For specific cases, such as "cd", you can fix it:

    function cd {
	emulate -LR zsh
	setopt extendedglob nonomatch
	local -a opts
	zparseopts -D -a opts s L P
	if [[ $# -eq 2 ]]
	then builtin cd $opts $1 $2
	else builtin cd $opts (#i)$*

} 3) Some way to colorize wrong symliks differently from good pointed
} symlinks (for example cyan-good/red-bad like gentoo default bash setting)? 

Look in the manual for "The zsh/complist Module".

} 3) when I press Alt-backspace, cursor deletes all path. Is possible it
} deletes only part of path limited by "/"

See "select-word-style bash" as mentioned above.

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