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Re: zsh completion for todo.*

Lydgate wrote:
> With Peter's todo.sh, I get the initial command completed correctly.  If 
> I want to list something, it gives an error, but this is simply because 
> there are quotes missing from "search term..."  I want it to be able to 
> complete contexts and projects, as todo_completer.sh does in bash.  

I'm not sure I've followed what you're doing.

If you get as far as "todo.sh list p:" it will complete projects, and after
you type "todo.sh list @" it will complete contexts; the same for any
word after a "list" subcommand.

I note I don't complete projects or contexts in normal text, which is
potentially useful and easy to add.  In that case handling words in
quotes is a good idea since you've got a string of words in the same
argument before the bit you want to complete.  Possibly that covers what
you want.

I've attached the modified function so you don't need to get the
original out of the CVS archive (it has lines longer than 80 characters).

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#compdef todo.sh

# See http://todotxt.com for todo.sh.
# Featurettes:
#  - "replace" will complete the original text for editing
#  - completing priorities will cycle through A to Z (even without
#    menu completion)
#  - list and listall will complete p:<project> and @<where> from
#    values in existing entries
#  - will complete after p: and @ if typed in message text

setopt localoptions braceccl

local expl curcontext="$curcontext" state line pri nextstate
local -a cmdlist itemlist match mbegin mend
integer NORMARG

_arguments -s -n : \
  '-d[alternate config file]:config file:_files' \
  '-f[force, no confirmation]' \
  '-h[display help]' \
  '-p[plain mode, no colours]' \
  '-v[verbose mode, confirmation messages]' \
  '-V[display version etc.]' \
  '1:command:->commands' \
  '*:arguments:->arguments' && return 0

local projmsg="context or project"
local txtmsg="text with contexts or projects"

case $state in
    "add:Add TODO ITEM to todo.txt."
    "append:Adds to item on line NUMBER the text TEXT."
    "archive:Moves done items from todo.txt to done.txt."
    "del:Deletes the item on line NUMBER in todo.txt."
    "do:Marks item on line NUMBER as done in todo.txt."
    "list:Displays all todo items containing TERM(s), sorted by priority."
    "listall:Displays items including done ones containing TERM(s)"
    "listpri:Displays all items prioritized at PRIORITY."
    "prepend:Adds to the beginning of the item on line NUMBER text TEXT."
    "pri:Adds or replace in NUMBER the priority PRIORITY (upper case letter)."
    "replace:Replace in NUMBER the TEXT."
    "remdup:Remove exact duplicates from todo.txt."
    "report:Adds the number of open and done items to report.txt."
  _describe -t todo-commands 'todo.sh command' cmdlist

  case $words[NORMARG] in
    if (( NORMARG == CURRENT - 1 )); then
      itemlist=(${${(M)${(f)"$(todo.sh -p list)"}##<-> *}/(#b)(<->) (*)/${match[1]}:${match[2]}})
      _describe -t todo-items 'todo item' itemlist
      case $words[NORMARG] in
	compadd -Q -- "${(qq)$(todo.sh -p list "^0*${words[CURRENT-1]} ")##<-> }"



    return 1

case $nextstate in
  if [[ $words[CURRENT] = (|[A-Z]) ]]; then
    if [[ $words[CURRENT] = (|Z) ]]; then
      # cycle priority
      pri=${(#)$(( #pri + 1 ))}
    _wanted priority expl 'priority' compadd -U -S '' -- $pri
    _wanted priority expl 'priority' compadd {A-Z}

  # This completes stuff beginning with p: (projects) or @ (contexts);
  # these are todo.sh conventions.
  if [[ ! -prefix p: && ! -prefix @ ]]; then
  # In case there are quotes, ignore anything up to whitespace before
  # the p: or @ (which may not even be there yet).
  compset -P '*[[:space:]]'
  _wanted search expl $projmsg \
    compadd ${${=${${(M)${(f)"$(todo.sh -p list)"}##<-> *}##<-> }}:#^(p:*|@*)}
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