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Re: users-hosts combination failing

Chris Johnson sent me the following 0.8K:

> Hi.  I've got one machine running zsh 4.2.5 with following completion
> styles defined:
>    zstyle '*:my-accounts' users user1 user2
>    zstyle '*:my-accounts' hosts machine1 machine2 machine3
>    zstyle '*:my-accounts' users-hosts user3@machine4 user4@machine5
> If I type user3 and hit tab, machine4 is completed.  However, on another
> machine with the exact same configurtion and zsh 4.2.6, I get all
> machine* offered as possible completions.  I know I should probably
> update to a newer zsh, but is this problem known about and can anyone
> offer a solution?

Hmm...  No responses yet.  Is there anyway I can I provide more

If I hit Control-x and h to see the completion context for a username
that's attached only to hosts in the users-hosts style, this is what I

$ ssh user3@<C-x>h
tags in context :completion::complete:ssh::
    argument-1 options  (_arguments _ssh)
tags in context :completion::complete:ssh:argument-1:
    hosts  (_ssh) 
    hosts  (_hosts _combination _ssh_hosts _ssh) 
    hosts  (_ssh_hosts  _ssh    _normal)

It seems to me that _combination should be the only item listed, but I'm
not well-versed in completion.

Chris Johnson

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