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Re: Lonely spacecowboy

> Why might one want a static binary?
No the question was to get information about your specific installation and usage.
> Wow that's a large question.... here goes, sorry this will be long...
Yes it was.

> Why in the world should I accept having to download and install cygwin, or 
> live without if I can't do that, just to run a little data through awk when 
No one said you have to accept anything.  If you have the tools and environment you need fine.

> Why in the world should I accept the headache of requiring all those end 
> users to install cygwin when it's possible to have a simple self-extracting 
> rar that creates a completely simple and self-contained new directory with a 
> few binaries and scripts?
I agree.  Do you also require them all to use zsh, awk, etc?  I expect not.
But, if you need them for remote execution its understandable.

> ...
> all the possible cases, and my download is tiny so it's fast and painless 
> for everyone, even dialup.
That sounds like a good setup.
> Not all cygwin-built binaries necessarily need to link in cygwin.dll. For 
> example I have commissioned some programmers to make some customizations to 
> PuTTY for me and they used cygwin to build, and the resulting binaries don't 
> need cygwin at all to run.

Yes PuTTy is a good.
I use it as well for my cygwin terminal, rather than the MS DOS command window.

I don't know, never tried it, but you should be able to use cygwin to build zsh without cygwin dll dependencies, by using the MS API or with it and Mingw.

  Darel Henman

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