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Re: Lonely spacecowboy

I don't know, never tried it, but you should be able to use cygwin to build zsh without cygwin dll dependencies, by using the MS API or with it and Mingw.

I may give that a shot some time.
It's easy enough these days to have a perfect fully functional cygwin install to do builds in, and I've built fairly recent zsh on SCO without even having to so much as twiddle the makefile, which is usually a pretty good test of source portability. ...hmm 4.2.5 sept 2005, not as recent as I thought...

Then again, as it turned out that |read functionality actually works even in my current version and I already wasn't missing any special features so I may never get around to it either.

Veering off topic, though still topical in so far as it's about zsh: One feature I do miss isn't there in the current version either. Only real ksh has, as far as I've been able to tell even today, built-in sleep that accepts less than one second values. Sleeping in a tight loop (semi tight, .1 sec, still a long time on todays cpu's as long as all I'm doing is checking the existence of a file) so that I can notice an event as soon as possible is the absolute last place I want to load an external binary and spawn a child process in every iteration. Perhaps the natural caching features in any modern OS magic away the issue and theres no longer a practical reason to worry about it, but it just wrankles. I'm currently using the sleep from some windows nt power tools package from M$ since it looked the lightest & smallest and supports small values and the package is a free (beer) download.

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