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Sleep: was Re: Lonely spacecowboy

"Brian K. White" wrote:
> Veering off topic, though still topical in so far as it's about zsh: One 
> feature I do miss isn't there in the current version either. Only real ksh 
> has, as far as I've been able to tell even today, built-in sleep that 
> accepts less than one second values.

You can do this (works OK on Cygwin):

  zmodload -i zsh/zselect
  zselect -t 10

The time is in 100ths of a second, because I didn't use floating point
numbers (I would have if I was doing it now).  Also, the status returned
is 1 whether or not it was interrupted (because it's really a timeout),
so this is a little inconvenient.

We could do with a builtin, which would be fairly easy.

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