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Re: zap/del to char

> ..... snipped
> PWS's follow-up, however, makes it clear that zsh has stubbornly kept
> the GNU emacs 18.x definition of zap-to-char because, well, we're more
> concerned with things always working like they always have than are
> the GNU folks, I guess.
> djh wrote: } So it looks like the definitions got swapped around. 
> Yes, by emacs, several years after the ZLE function first copied it.
> The question is, are we finally in the mood to copy this particular
> "improvement"?

Background: Emacs version 23 will soon (looks like) to released.
            Pre-released versions are already being used (in fact to write this).

The international "MULE" functionality was also added after 18.  

I recommend the change. It's not a major change, but would reflect the current emacs method, which presumably the majority of emacs users expect.  This might also save a lot of zsh new comers, who are not familiar with customizing yet, time and confusion

My 2 cents.

Darel Henman

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