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zsh 4.3.3 released

I've uploaded version 4.3.3 of zsh to ftp.zsh.org.  If there aren't
complaints too loud I'll send it to Sourceforge and announce it on
Freshmeat tomorrow.  (This time I remembered to check that all functions
are exported where necessary, so we shouldn't have the traditional round
of mod_export additions.)

Release notes (note I didn't hunt too hard for new features, so please
tell me if there's something interesting I missed):

Version 4.3.3 now contains most of the planned support for multibyte
characters.  There are still some problems notably with Unicode combining
characters and composition of characters (notably on MacOS).  Some
expertise in these areas would be useful.  If support is available the
shell will be compiled with multibyte support and will start in multibyte
mode (option MULTIBYTE set).

Apart from the usual bug fixes and enhancements to completion functions,
there are various other new features:

- Users can write shell functions to be used in mathematical expressions.
  See the description of "functions -M" in the zshbuiltin manual page
  and the description of zmathfuncdef in the zshcontrib manual page.
- The zle widget read-command reads a key sequence without executing it.
- The zle widgets auto-suffix-remove and auto-suffix-retain provide
  user-defined control for suffixes (on the lines of AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH).
- Various arrays are available to add a named function to a set
  called where the specific functions chpwd, periodic, precmd and preexec
  are called.  The arrays are called chpwd_functions, etc.  There is a new
  special function zshexit also with a corresponding hook.  See SPECIAL
  FUNCTIONS in the zshmisc manual.
- ";|" at the end of a case statement causes the shell to continue
  looking at later tests (c.f. ";&" which causes an unconditional fall
- The sched builtin has been enhanced to run events asynchronously
  when the shell is waiting at an interactive prompt.
- There is a new set of functions to handle calendars and dates.
  See the zshcalsys manual page.
- The zsh/parameter module makes available the parameter functrace
  for function backtraces.

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