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zsh 4.3.4 released

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've uploaded version 4.3.3 of zsh to ftp.zsh.org.

I've uploaded 4.3.4 with fixes for the problems noted in 4.3.3 (thanks for
the responses).

(add-zsh-hook was in the 4.3.3 tar file but not in CVS, since I forgot to
commit it, so the difference there is in the archive but not the
distribution itself.  I still need to document this in the zshcontrib

2007-04-19  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Functions/Misc/add-zsh-hook: should have been
	added ages ago but wasn't.

	* README, Config/version.mk, Etc/FAQ.yo: release 4.3.4.

2007-04-17  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* users/11424: Functions/Zle/smart-insert-last-word: fixed
	parse error caused by a comment in a math expression.

2007-04-17  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* users/11421: Src/Zle/complist.c: use of %{...%} in
	completion list formatting was broken.

	* Christoph Bauer: users/11416: Src/utils.c: bad use
	of VARARR confused some compilers.

2007-04-17  Geoff Wing  <gcw@xxxxxxx>

	* unposted: LICENCE: update year to 2007

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