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various buggy behaviors in zsh out-of-the-box on Suse


I recently installed zsh and have noticed some very odd behavior -- could anyone please help?

1) Bugged auto-tabbing behavior

Suppose there is a folder ~/indirection
If I type "cd indirection/[tab]", then this is what happens:

% cd indirecticd indirection/
importantSystemFiles/  wallpaper/             wine-programs@
[other contents of "indirection" folder]

As you can see, autocompletion indents the line 22 characters to the right. Here's another example after hitting *tab*:

% cd media/   cd media/
graphics/   movies/     music/      photos/     wallpaper/

This was the default behavior.

2) Bugged offset behavior with commands which overflow into new lines

Also, when a line overflows the terminal, it's almost impossible to edit a line by using the arrow keys, because when you insert characters, they get shifted.
For example, after I shrink my terminal window, here's my attempt to do "ls documents/media/wallpaper" [command completes successfully], and then hitting [up arrow] to get the thing I just typed, and then editing it to change the directory "wallpaper" to "graphics":

% ls documents/media/graphicsi
ls: cannot access docugraphicsi
a/wallpaper: No such file 
or directory

3) Annoying autocomplete behavior: 

If I have the following things in a directory:

And I type "te[tab]" to autocomplete, it autocompletes to test/ without ever giving me the option to complete as test.tgz. Is there a way to achieve this like in bash?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author