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Re: various buggy behaviors in zsh out-of-the-box on Suse

Mats Ahlgren wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently installed zsh and have noticed some very odd behavior -- could any
> one please help?
> =================================
> 1) Bugged auto-tabbing behavior
> As you can see, autocompletion indents the line 22 characters to the
> right.

This looks like either a bad terminal definition, or the shell is badly
linked to the curses library or its equivalent, or there are funny
characters in the prompt which is confusing the shell (the prompt you
show looks pretty simple but if it's something more complicated
try PS1="%# ").

> 3) Annoying autocomplete behavior: 
> If I have the following things in a directory:
> test/
> test.tgz
> And I type "te[tab]" to autocomplete, it autocompletes to test/ without ever 
> giving me the option to complete as test.tgz. Is there a way to achieve this 
> like in bash?

This isn't the default behaviour, so something is setting an option to
turn it on.  You may find hitting <TAB> again cycles to the other file.
Look at the options in the "Completion" section of the zshoptions manual
for hints.  MENU_COMPLETE or REC_EXACT are possibilities, depending
exactly what it's doing.

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