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Re: Eterm and prompt themes

On Jun 14, 11:06am, Joel J. Adamson wrote:
} I like using Eterm and I also like using prompt themes.  I recently
} noticed that the "fade," "fire," and "elite" prompt themes only
} display correctly in Konsole with Central European (ibm852) encoding
} set from the "Settings" menu.

Those themes require a character set that contains dithered half-color
"block" characters (that display like spaces).  They were designed (I
think) by people who ran linux in text mode on a PC console, and long
before zsh had much if any support for non-ASCII-based character sets.

Several of the other themes require character sets that contain line-
drawing characters.  All of these assume text is in ASCII 1-127 with
the half-color or line-draw characters in the 128-255 value range.

} The only one that looks worth using is "adam2." Pretty cool but I like
} to change things up every now and then.

It shouldn't be that difficult to design your own theme.

} Has anyone gotten these to display properly in Eterm or xterm?

Google for X font packages that mimic old IBM-PC fonts (these would
be pretty ancient now -- I believe one of them was named "9x13" and
"prompt -h fire" suggests "nexus" or "vga" are others) if you really
want to see these working.


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