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Re: conditionally match part of file name to most recently modified file

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> >   zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' file-patterns '*:all\ files'
>                                                              ^^^^^^^^^^
> Is that all\ files or all-files (used in the manual)?

It's a tag, so it should be all-files.

> >   zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' hidden all
> >   zle -C most-recent-file menu-complete _generic
> >   bindkey '^X.' most-recent-file
> I like that. But the 4th line should probably be:
> zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' file-patterns '*(^/):all\ files'
> to avoid completing on directories (which can often get recent).

That's possible.  You can restrict it on the command line, too; I
sometimes type "*(.)" and complete that.

> For symbolic links, how can one take into account the target instead
> of the link itself?

"*(-^/)" or "*(-/)" should do the trick.  I've had funny results with
non-existent targets when doing this on the command line.

I've wondered for quite a long time why that's not the default since the
times when you want to identify symbolic links themselves are limited.  I
wonder if it's time for another option?  What would it do, make it so
that both (/) and (-/) followed symbolic links but (--/) didn't?

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