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Re: Help on filename generation

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Peter Stephenson wrote:
>> Joel J. Adamson wrote:
>> > function doit() {
>> >    for file in $1/*(generic)*~*(~)
>> >    print $file
>> >    exit
>> > }
>> > 
>> > Currently I get "doit:1: unknown file attribute."   When I enter this
>> > globbing pattern at the interactive prompt, I get the files I want.
>> The pattern should be:
>>  $1/*generic*~*\~
> I've also just looked at the rest of the function and noticed:

Oh, since you seem eager to help, that's not the function -- this is
the function:
function doit() {
   for file in $1/*(generic)*
       # no backup files $1/data/*(generic)*~*(~)
       cp $file ./$newfilename
       ci -u -zLT $newfilename	
       chgrp biostat ./$newfilename	# how do I make this the default behavior?

     if [[ -a ${title}Makefile ]]; then
  	mv ./(generic|$title)Makefile ./Makefile
  	print No Makefile found

     if [[ -a $1/data/wilens.bib ]]; then
 	ln -s $1/data/wilens.bib
     exit 0


You'll notice that (a) I changed the second line so that I could
actually get my work done and (b) other areas need work.  Particularly
the ci puts me into the RCS logging prompt; I would rather just not
enter a message.  Is there an option for ci that will just check in
the file, without asking me for a description?  In general, how do I
answer an interactive prompt within a shell function (i.e.,


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