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Re: regarding login prompt

arnuld wrote:
> i am a BASH user who is interested in using ZSH as my daily routine
> shell. this is from my "~/.bashrc"
> PS1='[\u@\h \W]\$ '
> and my BASH prompt says:  "[arnuld@arch ~] $ "
> so i put that PS1 entry into my "~/.zshrc" file but when i login into
> ZSH i see that prompt is simply the same as the PS1 entry  and not
> like "arnuld@xxxxxxxx"
> how can i have a prompt like "[arnuld@arch ~] $ " in ZSH ?

See PROMPT EXPANSION in the zshmisc manual page.  The simplest answer is

PS1='[%n%m %~]%# '

but note (i) as I've written it you get a "%" rather than a "$", which
is the zsh convention (ii) this will show the entire directory path with
~ substitution and you might want e.g. only the last few segments.  The
manual will help you tailor it further.

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