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Re: pretty easy thing but too hard for me! (random array element)

* fREW <frioux@xxxxxxxxx> [20070806 04:08]:

> >   ps. i don't know, why my previous post not in zsh-users@...

> I think it's because of a frustrating setting of how the list works.
> If one presses reply it goes to the person who sent the message, not
> the list.  For that one must press reply to all.  Is there anyway we
> can get the owner of this list to change whatever setting this is?  On
> other lists I don't have this problem.

No, please not - that would be a stupid configuration.

There's a reason why mail clients provide different types of reply,

* reply       -> reply to a message (usually that's to the sender only)
* group-reply -> reply to all recipients
* list-reply  -> reply to specified mailing list

Just google for "List Reply-To considered harmful" for more

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