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[OT] Re: pretty easy thing but too hard for me! (random array element)

On Mon 06.Aug.07 18:21, Michael Prokop wrote:
* fREW <frioux@xxxxxxxxx> [20070806 04:08]:
I think it's because of a frustrating setting of how the list works.
If one presses reply it goes to the person who sent the message, not
the list.  For that one must press reply to all.  Is there anyway we
can get the owner of this list to change whatever setting this is?  On
other lists I don't have this problem.

No, please not - that would be a stupid configuration.

There's a reason why mail clients provide different types of reply,

* reply       -> reply to a message (usually that's to the sender only)
* group-reply -> reply to all recipients
* list-reply  -> reply to specified mailing list

Just google for "List Reply-To considered harmful" for more

It's called "reply-to munging", a topic that arises so frequently in mailing lists that there should be an adage about it (such as Goldwin's law). Let's please not get into pointless, endless arguments. :-)


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