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xterm scroll-back problem os x

Hi folks!

I'm really not all that sure if this is the right place to ask, but after a 
lot of experimenting i don't know where else to ask:

The problem i'm seeing is that pressing shift + pageup in a zsh session won't 
work as expected (scroll up one/half a screen and _stay_ there), instead the 
screen gets scrolled back quickly but returns back to the bottom immediately 
(but slow enough for me to notice that it scrolled at all). 

Now, the reason why the screen returns to the bottom is that pressing shift + 
pageup prints 5;2~ to the tty (and keeps repeating until i release the shift 
key) and the scrollTtyOutput Xresource defaults to true. Setting this to 
false circumvents the return to bottom behaviour, but i'd have to 
scroll-forwd manually to the bottom then, after inspecting some longish 
programm ouput, so this is no solution...

I tried the following in my ~/.Xresources

*VT100.Translations: #override\
Shift <Key>Prior:  scroll-back(1,page) \n\

that didn't help either. but leaving out the Shift, only mapping scroll-back 
to pageup/Prior works...

The strange thing is, starting a bash session and trying this, it works as 
expected... otherwise i would not post this message on this list *g*.

hitting ^V in zsh tells me shift + pageup sends ^[[25;2~ . now i suspected 
something is catching the ^[[2 prefix, and interprets that as scroll-back, 
but leaves the 5;2~, which then gets printed out to the shell, causing the 
trouble...(i tried bindkey'ing 5;2~ to undefined-key, but that didn't help 

Now, i don't know where to look any further... this is quite puzzling...
Maybe some of you might have an idea?


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