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Re: xterm scroll-back problem os x

On Sunday 12 August 2007 01:06, Sven Schober wrote:
> The strange thing is, starting a bash session and trying this, it works as
> expected... otherwise i would not post this message on this list *g*.

must've been late yesterday, afterall:

it worked in bash, because at some point in time a had already configured 
my .inputrc to ignore that strange sequence \e[25;2~ by binding it to 
something that obviusly seems to produce no tty output, like this:

"\e[25;2~": capitalize-word

now, trying the same in .zshrc using:

bindkey "^[[25;2~" capitalize-word

helps, and pressing shift + pageup now behaves normally...
still, this seems like a work aroung, which doesn't solve the real problem...

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