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Re: xterm scroll-back problem os x

On Sunday 12 August 2007 04:07, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> On 2007-08-12 01:06:41 +0200, Sven Schober wrote:
> > The strange thing is, starting a bash session and trying this, it works
> > as expected... otherwise i would not post this message on this list *g*.
> zsh shouldn't see anything. So, perhaps the cause is that zsh sends
> something to the terminal on a regular basis. Hence my question: Do
> you have the same problem when scrolling with the mouse?

Nope, using the mouse works fine. 

> Could you try with and without the following xterm options?
>   * Scroll to Bottom on Key Press
>   * Scroll to Bottom on Tty Output

               true            false
  true         [1]               [2]

  false        [3]               [4]

[1],[2]: show the same bahaviour than [3]
[3]: this is the default show the described behaviour in my first mail
[4]: both 'false' is nearly what you would expect (scroll back and stay 
there); the input line keeps filling up with 5;2~, though, and i have to 
scroll back to bottom manually 

> FYI, I don't have any such problem.

i suspect my zsh conf. is messed up, or my keyboard is sending some strange 

i forgot to mention my system config yesterday (was a bit late, sry. ;)):

I'm using:
- os x 10.4 - ppc
- the X11 pkg from apple XFree86 4.4.0
- xterm -v says: XFree (184)
- zsh 4.3.4 (fink)
- keyboard is a ps/2 plugged into a ps/2-usb adapter *g*  

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