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Re: fg jobs info

On Sun, 2 Sep 2007, Bart Schaefer wrote:

Have a look at the variables jobdirs, jobtexts, and jobstates in the zsh/parameter module. Or there's a lazier way out:

that seems reasonably elegant... as long as a) there's only one suspended job or b) jobs are only referred to by number :(

if the there's more than one job and either 1) the current job is implied or 2) a job is specified not by job number, things get messy.

} unless there's a way to simulate the fg command (ie; a "-n" dry run
} argument)

The "jobs" command should accept all the same job-identifier patterns
as "fg", and in recent zsh "jobs" doesn't lose track of the job list
when run in a subshell, so you can do things like

that doesn't seem to work in 4.3.2. i'm using versions as old as 4.2.1 so the foo=$(jobs) trick won't work all around, and it's hackish enough that it fails to inspire an upgrade.

also, here's a case where (given what i'm trying to do) i'm confident that anything would fail (at least partially), short of some non-trivial updates to zsh:

% man sh

% man zsh

% jobs
[1]  - suspended  man sh
[2]  + suspended  man zsh

% fg %1 %2


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