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Re: nohup dies


thanks for the answer

> nohup is not a shell builtin; it's simply an executable programme that's

man nohup

       NOTE:  your  shell may have its own version of nohup, which
usually supersedes the version described
       here.  Please refer to your shell's documentation for details
about the options it supports.

>zsh creates a pipeline
> zsh forks:
>    In the subshell, "nohup cat ./input" is run
> zsh forks again
>    In the new subshell, ~pau/executables/... is run

>So the "nohup" doesn't cover the second executable.

can you tell me of a more robust/elegant way of doing it?

> A lot of other shells, I presume (but I haven't actually checked)
> including ksh, don't send SIGHUP to processes when the shell exits.

But zsh is supposed to emulate ksh, right?

nohup whatever should work regardless of shell. And it _did_ in the
older version of zsh, now not anymore. Can you tell me why?

the "solution" for now is to launch the simulation with ksh... or
resort to screen... but it's a pity, I stick to zsh a lot



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