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Re: PROMPT escape sequences

On Sun, 7 Oct 2007, Bart Schaefer wrote:

So the answer to this question is:

} is there a way to set a color at the prompt that doesn't reset to default
} when i tab-complete?

No, there isn't, because you're relying on the entire prompt being re- painted every time zsh needs to redraw the line that begins with the prompt, but ZLE is optimized to use cursor motions and only redraw the bits of the line that actually need changing. It has no idea what the color settings are at any given position on the terminal, so it can't restore color; it only knows what the non-zero-width characters are.

this gets me very close:

expand-or-complete () {
    zle .expand-or-complete
zle -N expand-or-complete

but it doesn't output any escape characters... just the text string "^[[36m" as if there's an implied ${(V)fg[cyan]}. what do i need to do to make that output a literal escape sequence? why doesn't it work that way by default?

i also tried including "reset-prompt" within the redefined "expand-or-complete", but didn't have any luck with that. i thought that in re-displaying the prompt, it would also re-colorize the text typed at the prompt, but apparently it doesn't.


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