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Re: ZSH (CVS) configure problem?

Helmut Jarausch wrote:
> 		--with-multibyte

That's probably --enable-multibyte or it won't have an effect.

> The final link links the library -lncurses and fails because external
> references ( I don't remember the 4 names ? add_wch) couldn't be
> resolved. Linking to -lncursesw -ldl, instead, was successful.
> For the moment I've stepped back to not using --with-multibyte .

This seems to be different from other Linux systems where the
appropriate bits are in ncurses.

It sounds like we need to be searching for ncursesw, a subject that's
come up before a propos of MacOS (and I was asking about at the start of
the week).  Clint thinks in that case we need -I/usr/include/ncursesw,
so it may not be entirely trivial.

The dl library should be picked up later if it's needed, but that won't
work if it's causing linking with ncursesw to fail.

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