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Re: sluggish prompt

On Oct 9,  2:55pm, Russell Hoover wrote:
} Subject: Re: sluggish prompt
} On Sun 10/07/07 at 08:57 PM -0700,
} Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} > [...] I meant "If, when you have set -x in your .zshrc, and you see
} > the list of files in your fpath being printed by the nested for-loops,
} > that output does not appear every time,
} It did appear every time until I replaced the for-loop lines with the
} single line you suggested.

Something odd is happening, then, because your .zshrc should not be
getting re-loaded every time a prompt is printed.  I didn't see any
indication that this would be happening in the files you posted.  Is
there something in any of the corresponding /etc/z* files?
} > What we need to know is, on every *subsquent* prompt, as you go
} > through your normal habitual use of zsh on this system, do you see
} > delays before PRECMD is printed or in between PRECMD and the prompt?
} They're between the appearance of "PRECMD" and the appearance of the
} prompt.

That's a clue; it means its something that happens after precmd is run
but before the prompt is output.  That can only be (1) watching for new
users to log in (you have WATCHFMT set, I see), (2) checking for mail
(see previous discussion of MAILCHECK), or (3) a scheduled task from the
"sched" module.

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