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Re: man completion

Le samedi 13 octobre 2007, à 01:19:46 +0200, Mildred a écrit :                                                                               
> I noticed that the man command line utility can directly take the                                                                          
> filename of a manpage. And I also noticed that on my system, zsh                                                                           
> doesn't complete filenames for man, even when I put "./" ...                                                                               
> Would it be possible to have this completion too, when we type ./ ?                                                                        
> Or if zsh already have it, please tell me how do I enable it ?                                                                             
I don't have the solution, but a workaround: when using man -l, completion shows                                                             
man -l ./<TAB>                                                                                                                               
According to man manual, man -l is the right way open a file, and:                                                                           
> When this option is not used, and man fails to find  the page required, before                                                             
> displaying the error message, it attempts to act as if this option was supplied,                                                           
> using the name as a filename and looking for an exact match.                                                                               
So, zsh completion behaviour seems quite coherent to me.                                                                                     

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