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Re: man completion

Le Sat 13/10/2007 à 14:06 arno à écrit:
> Le samedi 13 octobre 2007, à 01:19:46 +0200, Mildred a
> écrit :                                                                               
> > I noticed that the man command line utility can directly take
> > the filename of a manpage. And I also noticed that on my system,
> > zsh doesn't complete filenames for man, even when I put
> > "./" ... 
> > Would it be possible to have this completion too, when we
> > type ./ ? Or if zsh already have it, please tell me how do I enable
> > it ?                                                                             
> Hi,                                                                                                                                          
> I don't have the solution, but a workaround: when using man -l,
> completion shows
> filenames: 
> man
> -l ./<TAB> 
> According to man manual, man -l is the right way open a file,
> and: 
> > When this option is not used, and man fails to find  the page
> > required, before displaying the error message, it attempts to act
> > as if this option was supplied, using the name as a filename and
> > looking for an exact
> > match.                                                                               
> So, zsh completion behaviour seems quite coherent to
> me. 
> arno.

I don't know why it doesn't work, but it doesn't:

mildred@kylae:src/ant$ man -l ant.1
man: invalid option -- l
man, version 1.6e

usage: man [-adfhktwW] [section] [-M path] [-P pager] [-S list]
        [-m system] [-p string] name ...

  a : find all matching entries
  c : do not use cat file
  d : print gobs of debugging information
  D : as for -d, but also display the pages
  f : same as whatis(1)
  h : print this help message
  k : same as apropos(1)
  K : search for a string in all pages
  t : use troff to format pages for printing
  w : print location of man page(s) that would be displayed
      (if no name given: print directories that would be searched)
  W : as for -w, but display filenames only

  C file   : use `file' as configuration file
  M path   : set search path for manual pages to `path'
  P pager  : use program `pager' to display pages
  S list   : colon separated section list
  m system : search for alternate system's man pages
  p string : string tells which preprocessors to run
               e - [n]eqn(1)   p - pic(1)    t - tbl(1)
               g - grap(1)     r - refer(1)  v - vgrind(1)

But thanks for your answer. I thought I answered you but apparently the
message never arrived to the mailing list.

Mildred Ki'lya
E-Mail:	mildred593@xxxxxxxxx

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