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Re: precmd, preexec, and supplied prompt themes

On Oct 13,  1:58pm, wgscott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} Well, that pretty much ensured I wouldn't get any work done this weekend.


} The first is that the prompt_simple_preview function doesn't work.

"Doesn't work" how?

Note that the prompt_simple_setup file needs to be found in a directory
in your $fpath to be loaded as a recognized theme by "promptinit".  If
it's not in $fpath, you'll get

% prompt -p simple     

Unknown theme: simple


Is that what's happening?

Also your attempt to display the available colors in prompt_simple_help
is not working for me; "black" compes out white, and neither it nor
"white" are visible on the white background of my xterm.  I'd suggest
restricting the help to bare text and leaving the color demonstrations
to the preview.
} The second, and more fundamental one, is that I can't get the dynamic
} updating to work unless I issue these six lines in the shell itself,
} in addition to the prompt function:
} 	typeset -a preexec_functions

Try "typeset -ga preexec_functions" as was pointed out somewhere on this

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