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Re: multiple OSes

On Thu, 1 Nov 2007, Stephane Chazelas wrote:

[[ $OSTYPE = solaris* ]]

cool, i forgot about that.

case $OSTYPE in
 (solaris*) ...
 (*) ...

at some point i'll have a case statement. i'm not there yet.

Also I think you meant

Also, if you'd like Solaris to behave in a more Unixy way, you
could add the Unix PATH in front:

PATH=$(command -p getconf PATH):$PATH:/usr/ucb:${HOME}/bin:

(that might break some scripts though).

good stuff.

also, i've got this in my ~/.zshrc:
  alias rm="rm -i" # safety first!
which causes a problem on solaris... instead of:
	rm -rf /junk
i have to do this:
	command rm -rf /junk

is there a better way to assign that alias to rm if i'm on solaris?

zmodload -i zsh/files &&
 disable chown chgrp ln mkdir mv rmdir sync

very cool! thanks!


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