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Re: Tru64 5.1 and unresolved externals when building modules

"Thomas Pfau" wrote:
> I'm trying to build zsh on Tru64 5.1 but can't seem to get the modules
> to build.  I've tried the standard cc, sed, and awk and also the gnu
> versions of each with the same results.  For each module it attempts
> to build, it displays 'Warning: Unresolved:' followed by a list of
> symbols that appear to be from the main zsh executable.  This happens
> with both zsh 4.3.2 and 4.3.4.

I haven't heard this one before, and without access to the system
there's not a lot that can be done.  You could try statically linking
(configure --disable-dynamic), in which case make sure you edit
config.modules to mark any modules you use as statically loaded.

If it's only a few of the symbols from the main executable it might be
they aren't correctly marked for export, however I thought I'd tested
that for 4.3.4 and there shouldn't be more than a few at most in any
case.  I will certainly make sure I test this for 4.3.5.

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