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Re: zsh crashes with floating point exception

Andy Spiegl wrote:
> Let's assume, my cmd line looks like this:
>  lama:~>ls foo1 foo2 foo3 foo4 foo5 foo6 foo7 foo8 foo9 foo10 _
> Then I press Meta-Backspace 10 times (killing word by word)
> and end up with:
>  lama:~>ls foo1 [1]    4012 floating point exception (core dumped)  zsh
> Any hint how and where I should start looking for the bug?

Could you compile with debugging symbols ("./configure
--enable-zsh-debug" will do this), ensure core dumps are allowed
("unlimit coredumpsize"---you will need to run a separate "zsh" if this
changes the value, since this doesn't take effect for the current shell)
and when it crashes, run "gdb zsh <corefile>" and send the output of the
"bt" command?  (There may then be some follow-up questions on values of
variables etc.)

If Meta-Backspace is bound to anything other than the builtin widget
backward-kill-word we'll need to know that, too.  (This would have to be
in your own initialization files.)


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