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Re: a simple question

Andy Spiegl wrote:
> Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > Only in that usually it's unnecessary, unless you have turned on the
> > option "completealiases".  If you haven't, the alias is expanded by
> > completion so the completion code sees "ssh -l admin" and everything
> > works.
> Ah, great!  Didn't know that feature yet.
> Only that I _dont_ have completealiases turned on and it still doesn't work.

You mean you've tried and completion after

  ssh -l admin

works while completion after

  alias sshadmin="ssh -l admin"


> In a "zsh -f" session it does work so it must be something in my settings...

I presume you mean even after "compinit", otherwise you're using a
different form of completion.

> On the other hand, with an ls-alias (alias lh="\ls -lFBh") it works.
> So why not with sshadmin?  Any idea?

Try using the debug binding "^X?" to generate an output file which
should show you if it's ever getting as far as ssh completion or is
trying completion for something else.

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