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Re: 4.3.4-dev-4 and 4.2.6-dev-2 available

Ismail =?utf-8?q?D=C3=B6nmez?= wrote:
> > > Test ./C02cond.ztst failed: bad status 1, expected 0 from:
> >
> > The test is a little flaky even beyond the description above: it
> > attempts to force two file writes to be a second apart.  So I'd be
> > inclined not to worry.  Possibly two seconds would cover more bases.
> That didn't work, tried sleep 10 but same problem happens.

Well, yet another oddity I don't know about and am unable to debug is going
on down in the file system to do with access times.

I don't think anybody ever uses -N anyway, since it's not a reliable
guide to anything.  It's caused far more trouble in testing than any use
it's worth.

What is a good test is that access times and modification times
are separately correctly ordered (though not necessarily strictly
monotonic), whether or not they happen to be different.  That can be
done with file ordering operators.  That might be a sensible replacement.

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