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Re: WinZsh (native Windows port of zsh) resurrected

hello Tim,

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 08:03:42PM -0600, Tim Ayres wrote:
> I would like to announce that the old native Windows port of zsh by Amol  
> Deshpande has been resurrected, relicensed under the 3-clause BSD  
> license, and given a new home on Sourceforge.net. You can find it at  
> [1]. Please try it out and report any bugs you find on the Sourceforge  
> trackers.

I use to have a daily use of the amol's port of zsh then tcsh on
windows. GNU tools were provided by 


I gave up because gnuwin32 tools was damn slow. cygwin's zsh and tools
were astonishing faster didn't provide a nice enougth integration to
windows (cygpath is borring too borring for daily use!).

I played with monad (became powershell) which provides a much superior
scripting language but comes with no decent edition system.

I didn't use windows for years now but i'm curious and plan to try
reactos if i would have spare time so my question is: how do you plan to
use zsh? which what tools ? would your port provides vi keybindings ? 


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