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Re: WinZsh (native Windows port of zsh) resurrected

Hi Marc,

I currently use GnuWin32 as well, if only because I am not aware of another currently maintained source of Unix tools. I haven't done speed tests between the GnuWin32 tools and Cygwin, but the GnuWin32 tools are plenty fast for me. I don't think I would choose shell scripting for an application where speed was a priority anyway ;). GnuWin32 provides most of the tools a Unix user needs to feel productive, but a Bourne compatible shell is a glaring omission.

I'm one of those people who use Linux at home, but am forced to use Windows at work. I use WinZsh the same way I use bash/zsh on Linux, both as an interactive environment and to write shell scripts. As time goes on I'm accumulating a collection of useful shell scripts and becoming a better shell programmer. Many of these scripts would be useful on Windows as well, however I have no desire to try to rewrite them as Dos batch files (if it would even be possible). Powershell may be cool, but it's a new language to learn and it's still Windows only so that's a deal breaker right there. WinZsh lets me run my shell scripts unmodified on Windows, which is pretty cool. Nowadays I even write & test bash/zsh scripts on Windows and then run them on my Linux box at home.

I've used Amol's old port for years, and it disappointed me that it was unmaintained and was becoming increasingly difficult to find, and seemed in danger of disappearing entirely. So eventually I decided to just take up maintenance myself, that's the fun of open source right?
would your port provides vi keybindings ?
The eventual goal is to provide all the features of zsh on Unix.


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