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Re: Tab inserts spaces instead of complete by default

On Feb 21, 12:48pm, Sébastien Pierre wrote:
} So I've tried the binding you describe, but it doesn't change the behaviour:

Hmm, you're right.  I was misled by the way I tested it.  Literally
inserting the tab when it is the first character on an otherwise empty
line is pretty deeply hardwired; I've been using scripted completions
for so many years now that I'd forgotten.

So ... if for some reason you want to avoid the scripted completion
system, you need something like this:

   exp-or-comp-no-tab() { compstate[insert]='unambiguous' ; compcall }
   zle -C expand-or-complete .expand-or-complete exp-or-comp-no-tab

However, I still recommend that you instead run "compinstall" to get a
wider and more configurable set of completion behaviors, wherein this
is controlled by:

   zstyle ':completion::*' insert-tab no

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