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Re: Tab inserts spaces instead of complete by default

Hi all,

So Greg's tip worked well for me :) I was already using the 'compinit'
module (which is amazing), so this worked perfectly for me.

Thanks a lot !

 -- Sébastien

2010/2/21 Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On Feb 21, 12:48pm, Sébastien Pierre wrote:
> }
> } So I've tried the binding you describe, but it doesn't change the
> behaviour:
> Hmm, you're right.  I was misled by the way I tested it.  Literally
> inserting the tab when it is the first character on an otherwise empty
> line is pretty deeply hardwired; I've been using scripted completions
> for so many years now that I'd forgotten.
> So ... if for some reason you want to avoid the scripted completion
> system, you need something like this:
>   exp-or-comp-no-tab() { compstate[insert]='unambiguous' ; compcall }
>   zle -C expand-or-complete .expand-or-complete exp-or-comp-no-tab
> However, I still recommend that you instead run "compinstall" to get a
> wider and more configurable set of completion behaviors, wherein this
> is controlled by:
>   zstyle ':completion::*' insert-tab no

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