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Re: Append cancelled commands to history

On Mar 24, 12:27pm, Nadav Har'El wrote:
} Anyway, I tried what you wrote, and it didn't work because it appears the
} zshaddhistory hook does not get called when I interrupt the ZLE.

Ah.  That makes sense.  I was assuming it didn't work for me because
of the $PREBUFFER-is-empty problem (for which a patch has since been
posted on zsh-workers).

} So apparently, that interrupted multiline editing is *not* in the
} history, and never was. So where is it? Why do I see it when I go "up"
} for the first time? How do I prevent this?

Oh, of course.  Zsh *always* makes the immediately preceding accepted
input available for scrollback in the line editor, even if it was not
put into the history (because of HIST_IGNORE_ALL_DUPS, HIST_NO_STORE,

There is no way to prevent this.

You could, however, stop using the interrupt signal and its trap, and
instead re-bind ctrl-C (or whatever your interrupt key is) to a zle
function that, whenever $PREBUFER is non-empty, does a no-op equivalent
of accept-line followed by a send-break.

    typeset -gi INTR_PRESSED=0

    finish_simulated_interrupt() {
      if (( INTR_PRESSED ))
	return 1
	return 0
    add-zsh-hook preexec finish_simulated_interrupt

    simulate-interrupt() {
      if [[ -n $PREBUFFER ]]
	zle -U $'\a'	# Replace with your send-break keystroke
	zle accept-line
	zle send-break
    zle -N simulate-interrupt

Rebinding keys to call simulate-interrupt instead of sending a real
terminal driver interrupt, is left as an exercise.


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