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Re: Zsh autocompletion with no access to a parent directory

> Note I called the style path-completion because expansion is a
> completely different activity in zsh terms, and that it's assumed to be
> true if you don't set it to get the current behaviour.

I've been meaning to reply for a week now, I did find a bug which is vaguely annoying. However, I'd been meaning to sit down and try and work it out myself. If I disable path-completion it does fix the original problem but it also produces a new one.

If you have a path with a "special" character in it, where by special so far I've found space and tilde, then completion stops offering results after that letter. It's particularly frustrating on a Mac, where many app bundles have spaces in their names but the actual executables are another two layers of directories deeper after the bundle name.

Also, we happen to have scripts at work that output directories with ~ in them (don't ask me why, I've no idea).

Any ideas?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author