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Why don't we create default .zshrc config file

Hi ,

I'm very new in using zsh and the first problem that I faced was .zshrc file.
In net I was able to find a lot of .zshrc file that was created to
match any user's needs but the
problem is that I didn't understand what does that all settings do.
Also just copy/paste someone's configurations isn't good choice
because who knows
what is there :).

Therefore why don't we create and automatically install .zshrc file
that will match common user's
needs, and will provide base zsh functionality and features to show
how this is cool.

Also this is little bit important issue because a lot of people don't
use zsh only because they can't work out
with configuration. I read one article and user said that I would
rather use fish because it works well for box.

Please don't just ignore this email and explain why you haven't done it,
this will do zsh more popular and I hope it would replace bash, because
it is awesome !


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author