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Re: zsh behavior change

On Sep 22,  4:00pm, Peter Menzel wrote:
} However, now in the 4.3 zsh, after typing cd .. and then hitting tab,
} no slash is appended
} and I cannot cycle through the dirs anymore.

This sounded familiar, so I went grepping through the ChangeLog for \.\.
and thereby found in README:

--- 8< ---
Possible incompatibilities

In some 4.3.X releases of zsh, the completion system added a ".."  as a
trial completion whenever completing directories.  This was a bug: as
documented in the zshcompsys manual, this feature needs to be turned on by
a style:

  zstyle ':completion:*' special-dirs true

--- 8< ---

Are you sure your previous version was 4.2.x?  4.3.x has been out since
2005, so it'd have to have been a pretty old version of Ubuntu from which
you were upgrading.  In any case, try adding the above zstyle command to
your startup files and see if that restores the behavior you want.

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