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Re: scratchpad text

On Oct 26,  1:37pm, Eric Smith wrote:
} Mikael Magnusson said:
} > On 26 October 2010 09:40, Eric Smith <es@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} > >
} > > Looking for just some light RAM space to supplement my own consciousness.
} > > Ideally would like to write to some buffer space in physical top
} > > corner of screen. Even if editing is not possible. These points
} > > would just supplement my current task or daily todo stuff or whatever.
} > 
} > What about putting it in your RPS1 or something?
} Cool idea, nicer if I could have  aright justify, trid using ^M for a 
} newline and it puts the newline on the left.

How about:

    zle-line-init() {
      print -nR $terminfo[sc]$terminfo[home]"$REMINDER"$terminfo[rc]
    zle -N zle-line-init

Then anything stored in the shell parameter REMINDER will be shown at
the top left of the screen.  Of course it'll begin to scroll off if you
have a multi-line command.

Replace sc/rc with tsl/fsl to use the status line if your terminal has
one (which you can test for by examining $terminfo[hs]).

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